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Small Business Marketing Services

Need a dedicated marketing professional to add to your team? With over 8 years of marketing experience in agencies and small businesses, I work efficiently and effectively for my clients. I understand the struggles of a small business, not only because I take the time to learn about my clients, but because I have worked for so many myself.

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Are any of these you?

  • You don’t have time to run your day-to-day marketing needs like email newsletters and social media.

  • You have a hard time replying to all your Yelp and Google Reviews or you’re finding it difficult to not take them personally.

  • You feel like you know mostly what you need to do but need someone to talk to to make sure you’re on the right track with a clear plan.

  • You’re starting a new business and need to know how to get started.

Good news! Any of the situations above I can help with. So let’s talk and see how I can take tasks off your plate and help your business thrive.

Loraine Dyson Owner of Wisdom Properties Testimonial

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