About Conquer and Flourish Delaney Bise
Delaney Bise Conquer and Flourish


My first job was in high school working for a gift shop that benefited a local non-profit. I was fortunate enough to experience a lot of small business highs and lows at a young age. These early experiences influenced me through college in when I started working on marketing and social media for a hospitality company in San Diego. I grew with the company to become the marketing manager, overseeing all marketing for multiple brands. Eventually, I made my way to the advertising industry working on the account team (client service) for multilevel, full service campaigns. After working for a few boutique agencies specializing in hospitality, I decided to venture off on my own and start Conquer + Flourish.


I am the wearer of many hats. I always have been. I started in social media and quickly expanded my knowledge to design, email marketing, strategy, and websites. I can get scrappy and make things happen. This has often come in handy as I’ve created content or needed an asset without having the programs to make it. I also don’t believe in one solution or hero. Rather than pushing a single medium or channel, I look at the whole picture and see what can work together to bring us to our goal.

WHY I'm Different

Since I was 16, I’ve worked primarily for small businesses. I understand a lot of the struggles of running a small or family owned business. These are the same kind of struggles that startups see. I know how personally invested business owners and entrepreneurs can be. I’ve seen what it’s like for someone to have great ideas but not know how to develop and implement them. I want to see you succeed and I want to help you.


Taking the first step can be really hard. You don’t know who to trust. An agency may have burned you in the past. You want to get value, but how do you make sure? With me, we will have open conversations. We will make sure we both understand what a “win” will be and what the most important goals are. From working with many different clients, I’ve found that trust starts with a small leap of faith and continues by maintaining open communication.

Sometimes you can be so DEEP in the weeds that you need a hand to help pull you out. 

I hope to be that hand for you. I’d love to speak with you about what I could do to help your business.