4 Ways to Avoid People on Instagram without Unfollowing

We all have those accounts on Instagram that we want to (or have to) follow but we really don't want to see their content. If they are a personal connection, you might have that fear of the person finding out that you unfollowed them. And if you're like me, you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings – you just want a cleaner feed!

Instagram Mute Story.png

How to Mute Instagram Stories

1 - Mute Their Instagram Story 

It's so easy that now you're probably going to mute half of your following. All you have to do is hold down on the profile photo of the account you want to mute. Tap "Mute" and boom! The account will move to the very back of your Instagram story feed. You'll still be able to see their stories if you intentionally go to look but they will not show up first or be part of your "Watch All". So stop giving your ex the satisfaction of knowing you've seen their story when you really didn't mean to. Put that dude on mute.

P.S. I love Jackie Schimmel and I would never truly mute her.

2 - Don’t Like Their Posts

Instagram wants to give you content that you like. So it uses your ‘likes’ to understand what content it should serve you. When you hear about ‘the algorithm’ this is one of its jobs. They more you like their posts, the more Instagram thinks you want to see the posts. Simple as that. So lay off the double taps.

3 - Scroll Past Their Posts Quickly

This is also an algorithm issue. The longer you stay on someone's post, the more likely Instagram thinks you'll want to see that person's content. So you think you are just harmlessly reading their paragraph long complaint about *insert complaint here* for giggles but what you are also doing is telling Instagram that you're interested. This is part of the reason why meme accounts or accounts that post a lot of videos can tend to take over your whole feed. Videos mean you are on their post longer! 

How to Mute Instagram Stories and Posts

4 - Mute Their Everything

Ok, so maybe I should have listed this at the top. But if you really just want to mute a profile completely - like an unfollow without actually unfollowing - it’s super easy. Tap the ellipsis aka "...". Tap on "mute". From here you can mute posts or mute stories or both! The photo above is a little old. You do have the ability to mute both posts and stories separately from this view.


So there they are. A couple easy steps you can take to avoid some people without unfollowing.

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