Create Your Own Instagram Link Tree Through Squarespace for Free

There are benefits in creating your own link tree for you Instagram account and it's pretty simple to do!

Why do I need a link tree?

Often times, we refer to specific links on Instagram, like to promote a blog post or an upcoming event. But Instagram has link limitations: only one link in bio, no clickable links in posts, and links in stories are only for those with 10K followers or more. With these limitations, third parties like Linktree are great (and usually free) resources for Instagram users. They allow you to create a list of all the links you want in one place accessible through your link in bio.

The downside of using third-party services for your link tree is that your name might be in the URL but it’s not the domain name. This means that all your traffic is directing to someone else’s webpage.

An easy solution for Instagram link in bio link trees

If you use Squarespace for your website, you can create your own link tree that directs to your own website. Boom! Increase your web traffic by creating your own link tree. You can do this through Wordpress, Wix, etc as well but I’ll go through Squarespace as an example.

Steps to creating your Squarespace Instagram link tree:

Not Linked Squarespace.png

1 - Create Page

Pages > Scroll down to Not Linked > Select (+) > Select Page 

Name the page something like "Instagram Links" and use the blank layout.

Squarespace Content Blocks Text Button Sample.png

2 - Title & Buttons 

Go to Content Blocks (+) and select the Text Block to add a title to the page.

Go back to Content Blocks (+) and select the Button Block. The text you enter will be what you are going to reference in your post. For blogs, I would enter in the blog title. Add the URL that you want the user to direct to.

Instagram Link Slug Name.png

3 - Update Your URL Slug

Depending on what you titled your page initially, you may want to edit the slug (Gear icon next to page name). This full URL will be visible on your Instagram so what do you want it to say? I think it's best to keep it easy with Instagram-Links. Also, make sure it's short!

4 - A Couple Things to Note

  • You may be tempted to create a Cover Page instead of a Page. But Cover Pages limit the number of buttons - so that makes it not a viable option for me. It might work for you!

  • If you have important links like "Menus" or "Contact" that you always want to be accessible to your followers, you can create buttons that stay at the top of the list. You might want to have these in a different style of button so they stand out.

  • Don't like buttons? You can list out text with hyperlinks to your URL destinations instead.

  • There are some limitations with using Squarespace instead of a third-party. The biggest being you cannot update the Instagram Links page on-the-go. Squarespace has mobile apps but none offer tools to edit a page on your website. Unfortunately, the mobile version of the Squarespace website will let you edit but it isn’t mobile friendly which means making edits can be extremely difficult.

    • UPDATE: Squarespace got a mobile app for iOS that makes it super easy to update these links on-the-go now!

It pains me now to see Instagram accounts with link trees that are from third-parties. Did this help you? Let me know what you think!

Still lost? Message me and I'll try to help you out!

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