Gritty Leadership Conference

Last Wednesday was the Gritty Leadership Conference held by the Gritty Movement. I had been following @grittymovement on Instagram and when the panelists were announced I knew I had to go. It didn't take much convincing over coffee with Diana (Diana Rose Photo) for her to hop on board and we became official Work Wives for the conference. I was also super stoked to see Gretchen (Gretchen Kamp & Co.) who I've worked with was going to be there as well as a sponsor.

The event was beautiful and extremely welcoming. I was out of my comfort zone but still comfortable which says a lot for an introvert/extrovert like me. It can be such a hard thing to talk to people you don't know but it builds courage when you do.

The conference was focused on women in leadership. We heard from amazing women business owners and leaders. There was an energy that lifted everyone throughout the day and I think we all could feel the support, empowerment, and joy in celebrating each other. Also, the food and snacks were bomb which can't be overlooked!

A few quick takeaways:

  • Find a mentor and talk to your peers for support. - Ali Grant from Be Social

  • Listen to your gut. - Kate from GracedByGrit

  • Imposter syndrome is real and we all need to remind ourselves that we deserve to be where we are. - Sara from Covet PR

  • Every company should have their reason for being. - Leigh from Perfect Bar

  • You need a plan & process to back up your visions & ideas. - Talk Data To Me Panel

  • Rituals can keep you grounded. - Cortnie from the Venue Report

I will definitely be at the next event!

Gritty Leadership Conference San Diego

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