How to Switch Your Gmail to 'Reply All' By Default

I think we are all guilty of Replying to an email instead of Replying All. When we make the mistake of Replying to an email that needed to keep a whole team of people in the loop, we break the communication and can create inefficiencies. One easy way to avoid this is to make sure your default reply behavior is set to Reply All.

If you are a Gmail user, this can easily be updated to Reply All instead of Reply. Follow the steps below and you will have the switch made in less than a minute or two.

Settings Gear

1. Select the Settings Gear icon.

Gmail Settings

2. Select ‘Settings’.

General Gmail Tab

3. Select ‘General’ tab.

Reply All on Gmail by Default

4. Look for Default reply behavior in the middle of the options. Select ‘Reply all’.

Yes, it’s actually that simple. Now that your work life has been changed, please feel free to share with your coworkers or colleagues. :)

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