How to Add Spacing to Your Instagram Captions

Let’s make space on Instagram

My go-to for creating spaces in my Instagram captions has been using my Notes app on my iPhone. I write my caption in Notes how I want it, copy, and then paste it in Instagram. It’s easy, it usually always works, but I wanted to share another option for those looking for something a little more direct as well as some tips regardless of what app or website you use.

With the website below you can add the text, convert it to the proper format, and then paste in Instagram!

Creating Instagram Spaces in captions.png
  1. Go to this website.

  2. Add you caption by either writing it in or copying it over from your notes.

  3. Hit Convert.

  4. Paste into the caption area of your post.

It’s actually that easy.

A couple other tips:

  • Do not add an extra space following the last sentence before your paragraph break.

  • Do not use punctuation and an emoji following the last sentence before your paragraph break. Ex: hello.👋🏼

Don’t forget to bookmark this website or create a short cut on your phone! It’s going to come in handy. You can also bookmark this blog post as well. I’ll be adding more tips as I learn them on how to get the formatting you want on Instagram. And if you have any tips, I’d love to hear them!

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