Instagram Audit Questions From 2013 That Still Work Today

I’m one of the ones that knew about Marie Kondo a few years ago when her books came out. Her influence is very clear in my household, especially my dresser drawers. So while everyone is sorting through their homes, I’m taking this time to organize my digital files and keep organized.

Sorting through some files from 2013, I found a social media document that I wrote up for a hospitality company I had worked for. I was leaving for a new job in a new town and wanted to show the new hire what I was thinking constantly when it came to social media. I haven’t read this since I wrote it. What’s funny to me is even though social media is always changing, the questions I listed and the areas I called out to monitor are still true today.

Here’s the Instagram audit section:

  • Audience

    • Who is the audience?

    • Who do we want the audience to be?

  • Frequency

    • Are we posting enough? Are we posting too much?

    • Are the days and times that we post optimal?

  • Content

    • Are we using real-time marketing to participate in events that matter to the brand and that it has the “authority” to speak on. (Are we doing it at all? Are we trying to hard? Does it feel effortless?)

    • Does our content speak to the audience?

    • Is our content natural to the platform? Does it fit?

    • What kind of images gets the most attention from IG?

    • Are we hashtagging enough? Is there an argument to include hashtags as a comment (still searchable)?

  • Engagement

    • Are we not only responding to posts but searching for posts to respond to?

    • What keywords/hashtags are we monitoring?

    • Are we responding to followers fast enough?

    • Do we feel empowered to interact? In what context?

All of the questions I asked then, I still ask now. If you want to audit your Instagram, this is still a pretty good list to do that.

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