One of the most productive uses of your marketing channels, time, and money is best spent on comprehensive campaigns that push a promotion or desired action by the consumer. Contrary to what many small business owners believe, campaigns do not always involve paid media (like digital advertising or print ads). Including support from paid media can really help with the success of a campaign and is often recommended but it is not required. Comprehensive campaigns require coordination between all of your available and relevant marketing channels to work together to push a message.


  • Discovery + Strategy Meeting

  • Campaign + Media Plan Creation

  • Creating Content + Organizing Operations

  • Launch Campaign

  • Engage + Optimize

Your CAMPAIGN will:

  • Have a clear message and call to action with appealing content.

  • Be directly related to a goal and tracked with as much data as possible.

  • Very likely need operational support in some form.

Why choose me?

  • I offer all the services you could need to create and manage a campaign. Including but not limited to photography, graphic design, digital advertising, landing page creation, email marketing, social media messaging, etc.

  • I remain in communication with you from start to finish of the campaign. This allows us to optimize and get you the best results!

have questions? The process is best explained in person or on a call.

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