Clarity Consultation

Sometimes you want to keep it in-house. I get it. But you might need a bit of guidance or someone to collaborate with. Maybe we meet once a quarter to make sure your marketing efforts are aligned with the strategy set out to meet your goals. Or maybe you need a weekly call or monthly meeting. Whatever your needs, we can work together to create the kind of consulting package that would be the best for you and your business. I can save you money, time, and struggle by bringing in a strategy to show how to efficiently get marketing tasks accomplished.

What clients are saying:

"I have a marketing background but running two businesses I was feeling overwhelmed and uncertain of where and how I should allocate my most precious resource – my time. It seemed I just wasn’t making progress in the right areas, but rather I was spinning my wheels being “busy”, not effective. Working with Delaney, I’ve gained so much clarity on what my priorities should be, and how to most efficiently do the work to achieve my short-term and long-term goals. Plus, as a one-woman show it really helps to have someone like Delaney to keep me accountable on my tasks! Thanks again, Delaney!”

-Stephanie N, Sapphire & Elm Travel Co.


  • Clear plan for training internal team on marketing needs.

  • Quarterly in person meetings in San Diego to review your marketing efforts and strategize for the future.

  • A half hour call a week for 4 weeks to help move along the social media needs for a new business or launch of a product/event.

  • A quarterly retainer for a certain amount of hours of work or calls.

Why choose me?

  • I have worked in and with small businesses for 15 years.

  • I’m constantly learning new ways to market and I share that knowledge with my clients.

  • Business operations is not something that is “off-limits” in terms of what my marketing recommendations might be. Operations can affect marketing and deserves to be in the marketing conversation.

What are you waiting for?

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