Like websites, email marketing is a space you OWN. I love social media, but if social media shut down tomorrow, what marketing channels would you have for your clients and customers? Email marketing is essential for direct communication but there can be hurdles. It takes work to get a user to subscribe. Then your constant battle after that is getting the subscriber to stay interested. The goal is to create emails that motivate your fans to open your emails and follow your call to actions like visit, buy, share, etc.


  • Set Up & Strategy

  • Find Subscribers

  • Manage a Segmented Subscriber List

  • Create Campaigns


  • Test and optimize emails to get the best open rate, click rate, and retention possible.

  • Create a clear format for emails that will appeal to your subscribers/audience. They will know what to expect.

  • Segment subscribers so we can customize emails for them as much as possible. This allows subscribers to receive the most appropriate and relevant messages.

Why choose me?

  • I use Mail Chimp for most of my email marketing management and can get my clients up to a 15% discount on email plans. Learn more about Mail Chimp.

  • My clients have an average open rate of 21.2% - a rate I’m very happy with! Open rates vary across not only different industries but different business sizes and audiences as well. While it is important to know what the open rates are for others, I measure success from the business’s own open rate history.

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