Social media can be a time consuming and should be carried out by someone with experience, allowing you to focus on other core aspects of your business. Not all platforms are created equal when it comes to your business. Lift your voice through the necessary platforms to target your audience and engage with them on a day-to-day level. Social media shouldn’t just be about pushing messages, it’s about creating conversations, creating interest, and creating value for your followers. It takes time and not everyone has that. But Conquer + Flourish does.


  • Kick-Off & Strategy

  • Content Creation

  • Planning & Scheduling

  • Community Management


  • Have a strategy as a foundation that the content will be built on to succeed.

  • Be informational and provide value to followers.

  • Include call to actions so that followers will know what it is that you want them to do.

Why choose me?

  • I have been managing social media accounts for businesses since 2010.

  • I’ll review your business type and recommend specific social media platforms for your business to use - not all platforms are meant for every business.

  • I can run your social media as little or as much as you want me to. From creating a strategy for you to manage your own social to being completely full service by taking photos, writing captions, engaging with followers, etc.

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