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Let’s create a digital location for your brand or small business where people can go to find everything they want to know – and if it’s not there, we give them a way to easily contact you to find out more. We keep the website simple and clear so that you don’t lose your audience with a messy or clunky experience. Whether you are looking to update your old website or start from scratch, I can help you create your new website Squarespace. Why Squarespace? Keep reading on! Below is an overview for what the process is like, what you can expect, and the benefits of working with Conquer + Flourish for your website.

What clients are saying:

"We added new services to our wellness center in Del Mar but they were not well represented on our website. We also found that the website was slower than we wanted it to be and wasn’t answering questions that our clients often had. We went through what we wanted to accomplish with the website and then asked that Conquer + Flourish work their magic with all the text and photos we had. They asked great questions, did the research, and provided us with a new website that uses photos and text that better represents us and our services. It was well worth it for us to take the hands-off approach. We were open to the Conquer + Flourish recommendations and the resulting website was exactly what we wanted for our clients!"

- Brandon S. at Cryo Shield Therapy

the CREATION Process:

  1. We will have a discovery call so that I can learn more about your business and what you need.

  2. You will receive a proposal and once approved we will move forward to first payment and contract details.

  3. You will fill out a questionnaire that includes information and assets needed for the website like branding, content, and login credentials. You will also provide your likes/dislikes and feature requirements.

  4. I will recommend a site map/navigation that will outline the website for approval.

  5. I will provide a sample webpage that shows the colors, fonts, and flourishes of a standard page for approval.

  6. The content of the website is a big factor in determining the scope of the project. I work with those who start from nothing and need help with copywriting and pulling photos to those who have the exact text and photos they want ready to go for each page. (We usually determine what you’ll need in the discovery call.)

  7. Once the outline, the sample page, and the content are all approved, I’ll create the website.

  8. There are two rounds of revisions after the website has been provided for approval.

  9. The new website is set live and ownership of the website is transferred to you after final payment.

Your website will:

  • Have the customer in mind with a readable and easy to navigate website.

  • Load quickly and be responsive to all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).

  • Include an analytic dashboard through Squarespace and is also easily linked up with Google Analytics.

  • Allow more people to find you through search engines with basic SEO principles followed.

  • Include call to actions (CTAs) that will drive the customer to take action.

  • Answer your customers’ questions and give them more insight on your business.

  • Be updated consistently on the backend to fix any bugs and to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies. A monthly or annual management Squarespace fee is required.

Why choose me?

  • You will receive a 20% discount off the first year of annual Website or Online Store Squarespace management plans.

  • I am a dedicated account manager that is efficient in carrying out my responsibilities to your website project as well as keeping you on track with what you are required for.

  • You can come to me with no clue as to what you need and with no content and I will work with you to provide a clear path to a great website!

What you walk away with:

  • A fully functional website that aligns with your goals and allows customers to easily find you and understand what your business is all about.

  • Connected analytic tools within Squarespace backend to monitor website performance and pull key insights that could be helpful to your business.

  • A management platform (Squarespace) that allows you to update your website yourself without having to pay a developer or designer.

  • But if updating the website is a little overwhelming for you, we can work out a plan to keep me onboard to help you with your website needs.

Does this align with your website needs?

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